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Regulations for the conduct of the passenger

The means of public transport of ETA SA run according to the traffic schedule displayed on the company's website, on the facebook page and in the passenger embarkation and disembarkation stations, with a margin of error of up to 5 minutes, depending on the traffic conditions. and the flow of passengers.

Passengers must ensure that they are in possession of a valid travel document, at the rate valid for that period. Passengers have the obligation to validate a travel document, regardless of its type (contactless card, thermal paper ticket), for each boarding climb in a means of transport. Travel with a valid but unvalidated travel document is sanctioned according to the regulations in force (surcharge - compensation fee / fine). The following violations are also sanctioned with a surcharge ticket, amounting to 55 lei:

  • Travel without a ticket, with an invalidated / improperly validated / revalidated ticket, as well as a trip with an unsuitable season ticket for the time period and the transport line
  • The use of season tickets by persons other than their holders, as well as the use of travel tickets with a discount or granted free of charge by persons other than those entitled
  • Sending, receiving and using tickets already validated by passengers on the way down, respectively those who go up

The members of the control body of ETA SA are empowered to verify the observance by the passengers of the obligations incumbent on the traffic with the means of transport of ETA SA.

Passengers have the obligation to present to the control body the validated travel document and in accordance with the law, the personal identification documents.

If the passenger does not have a valid and validated travel document, the passenger will pay on the spot a surcharge ticket (compensation fee) issued by the control body (according to the provisions of the contract for delegation of public transport service and HCL 159 / 2017). If the passenger does not pay on the spot the surcharge, the employees of the control body have the obligation to notify the LOCAL POLICE crew.

For the safety of passengers and to prevent any unwanted event, the means of transport can be permanently video-surveilled. The video recordings will be used as evidence in case fraudulent passengers are identified or cause damage and / or inconvenience to other passengers, flight attendants or control crews.

Mandatory rules of conduct, duties and responsibilities of passengers when using means of transport.

Passengers are prohibited from:

  • Prevent doors from opening or closing
  • Traveling on the stairs of public transport or on their outer parts
  • Transport of bulky luggage
  • Transport of live birds or animals
  • Transport of dangerous, flammable, explosive, radioactive, toxic substances
  • Transport of broken objects, which creates a danger of injury to passengers
  • Smoking on public transport
  • Damage, soiling of public transport or their annexes
  • Display or inscription for advertising purposes, inside or outside the means of public transport, except for the messages approved by the management of ETA SA
  • Consumption of food that can cause pollution of public transport
  • Transporting materials or food with an unpleasant odor, which can disturb travel
  • Drunk driving or consuming alcoholic beverages in public transport
  • Boarding public transport in dirty or smelly work clothes
  • Offering or hitting insults, insults, obscene expressions to passengers, members of control teams or flight crew, as well as intervening in support of offending passengers.
  • Damage or soiling of the interior of the stations and destruction of the display
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