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Periodic technical inspection

With over 35 years of experience in the operation and maintenance of heavy vehicles, ETA S.A. performs a wide range of services and works for individuals and legal entities.

The ITP station, RAR authorized for all types of vehicles, including tractors and vehicles equipped with gas installations, performs the Periodic Technical Inspection at competitive prices:

Prices valid starting with 01.02.2022

lei, VAT included
Nr. crt.Vehicle categoryPTI TariffReturn rates
1 Car 100 45 45 45
2 All-wheel drive car 100 50 50 50
3 Minibuses, special and specialized mixed utilities under 3.5 T 110 55 55 55
4 Vehicles with a maximum authorized total mass over 3.5 T 120 60 60 60
5 Trailer and caravan without braking system 70 35 35 35
6 Trailer, semi-trailer and caravan with braking system with a maximum authorized mass of up to 3.5 T inclusive 80 40 40 40
7 Trailer and semi-trailer with braking system with a maximum authorized mass over 3.5 T 110 55 55 55
8 Semi-trailer with braking system having a maximum authorized mass over 3.5 T with year of manufacture > 2001 180 90 90 90
9 Road tractors 110 55 55 55
10 Articulated bus 130 65 65 65

For companies with which contracts are concluded, a reduction of up to 10% of the tariff may be granted.

Because your time is precious, we work on a scheduled basis and guarantee a technical inspection within a maximum of 30 minutes (with scheduling and provided that your vehicle is not stopped for RAR oversight).

Appointments can be made by phone 0764445724 - eng. Marica Adrian.

Required documents:

  • The identity card of the vehicle. If the vehicle is leased, a copy of the identity card is allowed, bearing the mention "according to the original", with the signature and stamp of the leasing company.
  • Vehicle registration certificate
  • Identity card of the person presenting the vehicle for ITP

If your vehicle has technical defects that need to be repaired to perform ITP, you can perform mechanical and tinsmith repairs at our authorized service center. We ensure quality, qualified staff and maximum rates of 50 lei / hour labor, VAT included.

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