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Privacy Policy

Use of cookie technology

Cookies for the operation of the site

This site uses cookies to collect non-personal information and to allow the operation of the site.

The data collected are used strictly for the operation of the site and are not used for other purposes.

These types of cookies are necessary for the operation of the site. However, if you want to access the site without this type of cookie, you will have to block the acceptance of cookies in the browser used or not to access the site at all. There are several resources on the Internet for blocking cookies in the browser.

Cookies Marketing, to track site statistics

We use information about site users such as: ip address, session id, location, where it came from and what pages it visited to analyze the functionality of the site and the most visited pages. These statistics allow us to analyze the traffic and which pages are considered more important and to be able to improve the content. This information does not identify a particular customer in person and is only generally used to provide more valuable and interesting content to visitors.

Additionally, these statistics may be used to track the results of marketing campaigns and to serve ads on other sites that are relevant or similar to the pages visited or the content accessed on the site.

Accessing the site will present the customer with a notification message.

Customers who do not wish to use these cookies are asked to abandon visiting the site or block the storage of these files in the browser: blocking cookies in the browser.

External services or partners that store cookies:

We use google analytics to track site statistics. Details of the privacy and usage policy can be found here:

Additionally, we use the Facebook widget, which in turn stores certain information, here you can study the Facebook policy:

For other services from Google, here are details about what information is stored as well as the processing method:

All cookies are stored with a maximum validity period of 2 years


Personal data collected by the site

The personal data entered by customers are used strictly only for the purpose for which they were provided:

  • contact details will be used to respond to customer requests.
  • If a user enters personal data to place an order or to request more information, the data will be stored in the database to allow order processing.

Method of collection and processing:

All data is collected through a secure channel with SSL certificate, so the exposure is limited and others do not have access to the transmitted data.

To request information about the stored data, you can request this through our contact page.

The data is stored in our cloud ERP, with limited access only to authorized persons.

We use hosting services based on a contract by which the provider guarantees the confidentiality of stored data. The data will be stored and processed only in the EU, will not be resold or provided to third parties.

Customers have the right at any time to request the deletion of personal data through the contact form and we will honor the requests as soon as possible. I can also request a record with my own personal data collected, which we will make available to them.

The purpose of data collection is to conduct our business.

Data privacy:

The data will be kept secret and access will be limited to our employees or partners who directly execute the offer or the contract of sale / purchase or provision of services. If a partner receives access to data, it will be based on a confidentiality agreement and strictly to execute our contract.

Period of storage of personal data

Unfortunately we cannot predetermine how long it will be necessary to keep the personal data provided, but we can present the determination criteria:

  • in the case of online orders, the data will be taken over and will appear on the invoices issued, in this case the data will be stored for at least the period required by law regarding the storage of these types of documents.
  • in case of contact data or for the offer, these data will be stored on the sent offers, which are not normally destroyed, only at the clients' request, and during the sale process we return to the data provided by the customer to generate our offer. commercial or to execute placed orders.

Our identity and contact details

This site is operated by ETA S.A., with a unique identification code RO10524177. To send us a notification please use the contact form:

Marketing emails or newsletters

We will send these types of emails only after a direct subscription and confirmation by the user by which he expresses his consent to receive the messages sent on the list.

Messages with alerts and notifications

Our site allows you to subscribe to various notifications or price alerts, these will be sent after the users subscribe.


Users of the site have the right to unsubscribe from sending messages and notifications whenever they want.

Complaints and grievances

All customers have the right to file complaints and grievances regarding the processing of personal data. All requests will be processed in a timely manner by the Data Protection Officer. Complaints can be sent to the e-mail address posted on the contact page.

Users rights within the GDPR regulation:

We recommend that users be informed about the right of access to the data being collected, the right to rectification, the right to delete data (the right to be forgotten), the right to restrict processing, the right to data portability and the right to object, Articles 12-13 from the GDPR regulations, accessible here:

Document updated on 13.03.2019

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