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About us

ETA SA, having as sole shareholder the Local Council of Ramnicu Valcea municipality, was established on 01.05.1998 and has as main object of activity the urban, suburban and metropolitan passenger transport.

ETA SA serves 16 municipal routes, between 05.00 and 00.30.

The car park consists of 38 buses and 9 minibuses.

The public transport network served by ETA includes 261 stations in the municipality of Ramnicu Valcea.

Tickets can be purchased from 34 points of sale, of which 5 belong to ETA SA and 29 points of sale / economic agents.

ETA SA has a vending machine for the sale and reloading of travel documents, located in the passenger embarkation / disembarkation station in Carol I Street, near the River Plaza Mall.

Travel tickets can also be purchased with your mobile phone through the 24PAY application.

Travel documents can be purchased using a bank card payment.

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